About us

We have 8 years of experience in the market and from the start we have served as a link between the main abroad manufacturers of raw materials and local customers, providing excellent service, availability of inputs and flexibility in financing, becoming strategic partners of supply.

Our contacts network at a global level, allows us to provide competitive solutions, both at commercial and logistic level.

We have a team of committed professionals who, thanks to their work and effort, have allowed us to place Dresden Lab as a recognized and important company in the markets in which we participate.

Dresden Lab has the ISO 9001:2015, stores aligned with the GMP that together with our SAP system allows us to maintain traceability in accordance with the pharmaceutical and veterinary industry.

We currently participate in the Peruvian and Ecuadorian market independently and with the backing of the Fortaleza investment fund.

We have also started the expansion of our portfolio of supplies for attention of the Personal and Home Care market.
To provide supplies complying with international quality standards at competitive prices, to offer permanent and innovative attention in the industries in which we participate and to involve our employees, customers and the community in the process of continuous improvement.
To be a synonym of quality and supply in the diverse local and international industries in order to become a leading corporation and to be recognized as such by the interest groups related to our markets.

Our Quality Policy

DRESDEN LAB S.A is a company dedicated to the commercialization of supplies for the specialized industry, offering our clients quality products according to the provisions of the Good Storage Practices, satisfying their expectations and needs, for which we involve all our personnel through the development of competences, periodic evaluations to our suppliers and the continuous improvement of our processes.

Our Quality Policy